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After School Club - Learning to Play Steel Pans

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The set up…

Pure Steel will provide all instruments, stands and sticks for each session. Schools must provide a suitable space for the session to happen, taking into consideration accessibility for safe unloading of instruments, noise level, heating and lighting.

The full range of pans used for after school clubs include: Tenor, double tenor, double second, double guitar, triple cello, tenor bass, 6 bass.

When teaching Pure Steel provide a fun, safe environment where students not only learn to play the Steel pans but engage in communicating, understanding, socialising and performing all genres of music. The traditions of learning to play by ear are also encouraged although adaptations to facilitate all abilities are used.

Up and running….

Pure Steel has been part of the extra-curricular timetable at HGSC for the last 15 years. There are currently 3 after school sessions from beginners to intermediates to advanced and this is open to all year groups (7-13) at the school.

Nicola has extended this to other schools in Mansfield and Nottingham over a number of years and has recently started a Steel Band after school club at Belper School, Derbyshire.


Try something different…

Pure Steel workshops can be tailored to suit any group or audience regardless of age or ability. With her 35 years of pan playing and as a fully qualified teacher,  Nicola makes workshops fun and accessible for all, by arranging the music carefully – for beginners who have never played before or for advanced players to be challenged.

Pure Steel will supply the equipment for up to 25 participants for each workshop using a full range of pans.

You will experience learning to play a new instrument by

  • Expanding your musical memory as written notation is not used
  • Improving your hand/eye coordination
  • Developing aural awareness through playing by ear
  • Acquiring appropriate stick technique
  • Playing an individual part within an ensemble
  • Building your confidence with support

A large range of musical styles can be adopted for all age ranges to easily pick up and have fun. You don’t have to be able to read music or play another instrument to enjoy the social atmosphere of playing within a band. The art of producing such a unique sound in a different style with simple but effective rhythms is overwhelmingly satisfying for performers and audiences alike.


Steel band is fun, there's no other way to describe it; you make friends, learn how to play music and just have a great time.

Member of Steel Band

Steel band is fun, there's no other way to describe it; you make friends, learn how to play music and just have a great time.

Band Member